Cancer Awareness

Low cancer awareness is one of the reasons for increasing cancer deaths in Nigeria and Africa. Hence, we have been engrossed in providing creative, innovative and energetic cancer awareness to women and men in the hard-to-reach communities through the following:

-Cancer Awareness Materials in Nigerian languages: Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and Pidgin in English. In partnership with Susan G. Komen, we are translating Breast Self Awareness Materials.

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-Awareness Walk

-Rural Medical Missions

-Social Media



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Patient Navigation

We realized that when people are diagnosed of cancer they face a lot of psychological challenges including denial, self-hatred, fear, regrets and feeling of failure and absolute withdrawal. They also face innumerable barriers in accessing cancer care, including communication and information barriers, medical system barriers, and most importantly financial barriers. For the above reasons, so many cancer patients abscond from cancer care in Nigeria; hence, we launched Nigeria’s first patient navigation programme in 2015; working with breast cancer survivors, social workers and nurses to navigate cancer patients through the circle of cancer care and travel with them through their journey with cancer.


As patient navigators, we provide information to the cancer patients- equipping them with weapons to become winners before they begin the fight, empowering them psychologically to know that they are first healers of themselves; loving them by sharing moments of comforts and guiding them through their journey to survivorship.


As patient navigators, we listen! We listen! We listen! Because hundreds of cancer patients usually have hundreds of reactions to their cancer diagnosis. They need people to listen to them.


As patient navigators, we care and love professionally.

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08000CANCER (08000226237) (Toll Free) or 0818 347 020.

Fund Raising

Cancer is an expensive disease that millions of Africans cannot afford some of its diagnosis let alone its treatment. For this reason, millions of people die of cancer because, they are no health insurance to help indigent cancer patients get access to quality healthcare; therefore, the cancer patients is left to himself and their family to bear the burden of cancer.


We at Project PINK BLUE are taken it upon ourselves to help raise fund for indigent people battling with cancer.


We know cancer can affect anybody, whether the literate or illiterate, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly…Please let’s donate to save more lives.


Join us in raising funds for indigent cancer patients!  Join us in making a difference in the lives of people who cannot repay you! Join us giving people the opportunity to smile again!


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You can also adopt a cancer patient and donate directly to him or her. Please call us 0818 347 020


To ameliorate the pains of cancer patients in Nigeria, it has to be a collective effort, it requires policy driven change, it require commitments and support from the tiers of the government. It requires the public support and active commitment to lend their voices to stop the preventable cancer deaths.


At Project PINK BLUE, we are committed to stimulating the Nigeria’s government to make cancer a national health priority issue.

We are activating the general public to lend their voices to the fight against cancer.


Currently, we are visiting the National Assembly to pass the bill and motion for the establishment of National Agency on Cancer Control or a body that can help to provide comprehensive cancer care in Nigeria.


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Free Cancer Screnning

We are passionate about free cancer screening because cancer incidence has been increasing in most regions of the world, but there are huge inequalities between rich and poor countries. Incidence rates remain highest in more developed regions, but mortality is relatively much higher in less developed countries due to a lack of early detection and access to treatment facilities. For example, in Western Europe, breast cancer incidence has reached more than 90 new cases per 100 000 women annually, compared with 30 per 100 000 in eastern Africa. In contrast, breast cancer mortality rates in these two regions are almost identical, at about 15 per 100 000, which clearly points to a later diagnosis and much poorer survival in eastern Africa.


Project PINK BLUE’s passion is to phase-out late and advanced diagnosis of cancer in Africa with the provision of FREE Cancer Screening and Medical Missions to poor, rural and hard-to-reach communities in Africa.


We offer





Palliative Crae

In Nigeria, over 70% of cancer patients present late stages (III & IV), with few patients having access to the limited treatment facilities, while many in pains.  Everyone diagnosed of cancer whether at early stages or late stages need our care. At every moment of a human on this earth, he or she needs to be loved, cared for and having a lasting humane experience. This is our goal at Project PINK BLUE.


We know that more women are diagnosed of breast cancer at advanced stages because so many people believe that breast cancer is “white people’s disease”. While some strongly believe that breast cancer is a demonic attack and others believe that it is a punishment sent to humanity from the Supreme Being. Consequently, the women diagnosed with breast cancer visit traditional healers and faith-based centres, where they believe that they can get cure. Some of the women gets incision on the affected breasts, brainwashed never to accept that they are battling with cancer; rather, they should rebuke and employ the “not my portion” exclamation. After, the series of visits to different traditional healers, they eventually reverse to the healthcare facility at a very advanced stage where only palliative care can be offered. At this advance stages, the oncological team has confirmed that the only remedy is the end of life care; the entire healthcare for the advanced breast cancer patient will become a terrible and usually the most traumatic condition of all time.


At Project PINK BLUE, we have created a sustainable and culturally friendly platform to improve the lives of people living with advanced breast cancer in various communities, reduce the incidence of advanced breast cancer and contribute to policy dynamism in cancer care in Nigeria.  It is known as Breast Cancer Navigation and Palliative Programme (BCNPP). Forty (42) nurses and breast cancer survivors have been trained to champion this vision.


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At Project PINK BLUE, we don’t refer to CANCER SURVIVORS, as Survivors; refer to them as CHAMPIONS. We believe that no human deserves to die of cancer. For this singular reason, we believe that everyone diagnosed of cancer is a champion; he or she is a survivor, and a winner right from that diagnostic room.


It is on this premise that we launched Abuja Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC-SG).


We are currently working with one (1) male breast cancer and ten (10) female breast cancer champions who are fronting a stronger campaign, reminding the population that cancer affect, not some ‘special’ people, but ‘everyone’ –core misconception about cancer in local communities. Our champions aspire to make more measurable significant change in the way Nigerians think about cancer.


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Do you that once a woman or a man hears that he or she has a cancerous tumor, the person seems to be shattered? It comes with traumatic and painful psychological difficulties, anxiety, fear, distrust, depression and distress.
We evidence-based research have also shown that professional activity of enabling people to develop self-understanding of their situation and leading through the path of leading their live challenge can make a lot of difference in their lives.


We provide one-on-one counseling for people diagnosed with any form of cancer. Our breast cancer patients have been trained to help other champions take control of their lives from cancer.


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