Cancer Survivors and Cancer Policy in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are thousands of cancer survivors across the country, but very few survivors are seen speaking and making public statements on cancer.

Cancer survivors in Nigeria decline from public appearances for a number of reasons, but stigma associated with cancer in Nigeria seems to be the most critical of all. For instance, in an interview conducted by Project PINK BLUE revealed that a cancer survivor who is married and have children might not like to publicly speak about his/her cancer journey, as some fragment of the society may label them and their children may have problem getting married and building relationships. For cancer survivors who got care in India, United Kingdom and other foreign countries, they seems to have other reasons like anger with the entire health system.

Despite all these challenges, cancer survivors are primary actors in cancer control; their voices are stronger than the voices of other advocates including the doctors. They passed through cancer and cancer passed through them. They can make a remarkable difference in cancer control in Nigeria.

Cancer survivors need to perceive cancer advocacy as a platform to give back to the society, they need help other women, they need to come out from their closest and advocate for a viable cancer control policy so that other women, children and men will not suffer as they suffered.

Are you a cancer survivor (champion), and wishes to lead advocacy in Nigeria, and you need help; please don’t hesitate to call 08000CANCER or 08188 347 020.  You can also email: [email protected]