Abuja Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC-SG)

Project PINK BLUE is on a journey to change the way Africans think about cancer.

At Project PINK BLUE, once any human being is diagnosed of cancer, we instantly christen the person a Champion.

Abuja Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC-SG) is a loving platform for connecting people impacted by cancer to support, educate, empower and propel each other to become champions.

Whether, you are a cancer patient, diagnosed early, diagnosed late, living with cancer, caring for a cancer patient or cared for a cancer patient, you are welcome to join the train of Changing the way our people think about cancer. We are passionately focused on improving cancer survivorship, providing voice to cancer patients, activating true healing and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement

…Connecting People Impacted by Cancer

Our Vision

Changing the way Africans think about Cancer & Survivor

Being diagnosed with cancer is one terrible moment; treatment of cancer is horrible, and living after cancer is unspeakable, hence, surviving cancer require terrific actions from internal and external forces to win the war. Therefore, no human being win a war alone. It is on this premise that Abuja Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC-SG) was founded to ensure that human being fights cancer alone in Nigeria.

Join our Support Group! Call 08188 347 020, or you can also email: [email protected]

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