Stand With Cancer Champions (SCC)

Project PINK BLUE is on a journey to change the way Africans think about cancer.

Project PINK BLUE’s Stand with Cancer Champions (SCC) is a cancer survivors’ led bottom-top advocacy project to provide cervical and breast cancer awareness, and free screenings to poor and rural women who live in the hard-to-reach communities through grassroots outreaches, provision of free cervical cancer screenings using visual inspection with acetic acid, free clinical breast examinations, early detection of cancer messages, navigation and rural advocacies.
In Nigeria, cancer is highly mystified and there is a covert stigma associated with cancer survivors, while, so many people believe that cancer is death sentence and nobody can survive from it. SCC will change this poor thinking by placing cancer survivors at the forefront of cancer advocacy, awareness and campaigns. They will share their inspirational stories, their struggle with cancer, their pains – gains, their actions – inactions, key factor for their survival, and the transition to being a Cancer Survivor, Cancer Victor, and CANCER CHAMPION.

The survivors will also lead advocacies urging the community people, market women, public servants, traditional chiefs, community leaders, religious leaders, celebrities, parliamentarians, and the government to Stand with Cancer Champions in the fight against cancer. While the medical team will also Stand with the Cancer Champions with the provision of free screenings and other technical assistance in the advocacy.

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