Men on Blue

Men on Blue

Project PINK BLUE is changing the way Africans think about cancer.

Statement of Need

1 in 4 black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and a man of African descent is 70% more likely to develop prostate cancer than men of other races. In Nigeria, cancer leads to about 70 000 deaths per annum (28 000 for male and 42 000 for female). This number is set to increase given that there are 116 000 new cases of cancer every year. Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in Nigeria and the leading cause of cancer deaths in Nigerian men. However, very little or nothing is being said about Prostate cancer in Nigeria. Every October, virtually all cancer NGOs roll out their drums of awareness focused on breast cancer in Nigeria, Prostate cancer is always missing, while several men die in silence and pain because their prostate cancer was discovered at late stages.

Current data suggest that at least 15 Nigerian men die every day due to prostate cancer, resulting in about 5 806 deaths yearly with 13 078 new cases recorded. Despite this troubling indices, there is still public quiet about prostate cancer, with a lot of people unaware of the disease and its risk factors.

What is Men on Blue?

Men on Blue is a health intervention focused on closing the gap of awareness, education and screenings for prostate cancer in rural communities in Nigeria. The intervention will use three core strategies, including prostate cancer awareness, prostate cancer screenings and social media campaigns.

Having reached communities in Enugu and Lagos States, and Abuja, in the 2018 phase, the 2019 phase of the project is taking the intervention to communities in Niger, Rivers, Edo, Akwa Ibom and Nasarawa States, while also continuing in Abuja.

Our Target

Overall, our ultimate target is Nigerians living anywhere in the country- in both urban and rural communities.
In the 2018 phase, we mobilized over 3,000 men in Abuja, Enugu and Lagos through Enugu Prostate Cancer Walk, Lagos Prostate Cancer and community outreaches in Abuja. Over 10,000 were reached with awareness and over 15million indirectly reached through our television, radio and social media campaigns. We provided free prostate specific antigen (PSA) screenings to 1 661 men and are currently navigating those requiring follow-up medical attention to the requisite level of medical care.
Our target in the 2019 phase is to screen 3 000 men, reach 30,000 men directly, reach 50,000 women and youth directly in rural communities of Niger State, FCT Abuja and Rivers State and 15million indirectly through traditional and social media in Nigeria.

Our Goal

To reduce the incidence of prostate cancer through the creation of a platform for prostate cancer awareness, screening and treatment support in Nigeria.

We want to save our fathers, uncles and brothers. Click here to JOIN Men On Blue.