Project PINK BLUE is on a journey to change the way Africans think about cancer.

A diagnosis of cancer is usually a huge change for the patient. It comes with traumatic and painful psychological difficulties, anxiety, fear, distrust, depression and distress.
We, through evidence-based research have discovered that professional activity of enabling people to develop self-understanding of their situation and consistent guide through different interactive fora can make a lot of difference in their lives.

We provide one-on-one counselling for people diagnosed with any form of cancer. Our breast cancer patients have been trained to help other ‘champions’ take control of their lives from cancer.

The overall aim of our counselling is to enhance survivorship.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or you are a caregiver to a cancer patient, you could benefit from our free counselling.

Call us now: 08188347020; or email: [email protected]

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