There are several ways you can get involved with Project PINK BLUE!


Funding, Donations and Aids (FDA): Financial support, donor, and aids are other means of running our projects and implementation. We seek for funds from organizations, donations and aids from organizations and philanthropists who can give funding and donate to help us pay for our screening kits, transport, hospital bills for cancer patients, recovery needs for cancer survivors and other projects.


PPB Partnerships that Work (PW): We believe that when you want to go far go alone, but when you want to go higher and excel go with people. We seek partnerships from specific health organization who can provide the services and facilities needed for our project implementation. For instance, we have partnered with some health organizations to implement our various projects. With partnerships of this sort, they pay for some part of the project implementation, while Project PINK BLUE funds their logistics.


Supports that Stimulates Work (SSW): We seek supports from organizations who produce or have what we need to implement our projects. For instance, in our last projects we got two (2) 12×10 banners printed for us free of charge from a printing company- Abeysteph Global Graphics & Printing Limited, Abuja. We explore platforms of this sort to get supports in terms of need and what the supporter can provide. With this platform, supporters pay for some of our logistics need.


Join our growing network of volunteers to learn and touch lives.

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