Media Against Cancer

We have a strategic vision, which states: “changing the way Africans think about Cancer…”

Do you know that Africans think differently about cancer?

More people are diagnosed of cancer at advanced stages because so many people believe that cancer is “white people’s disease”. While some strongly believe that cancer is a demonic attack and others believe that it is a punishment sent to humanity from the Supreme Being.

Consequently, the women or men diagnosed with cancer visit traditional healers and faith-based centres, where they believe that they can get cure. Some of the women gets incision on the affected breasts, brainwashed never to accept that they are battling with cancer; rather, they should rebuke and employ the “not my portion” exclamation. After, the series of visits to different traditional healers, they eventually reverse to the healthcare facility at a very advanced stage where only palliative care can be offered.

At this advance stages, the oncological team has confirmed that the only remedy is the end of life care; the entire healthcare for the advanced cancer patient will become a terrible and usually the most traumatic condition of all time.

We have designed the programme “Media Against Cancer” (MAC) as a strategic platform to utilize traditional media, such as radio, television, newspaper, etc. and new media to educate our people, empower cancer patients and encourage cancer survivors to come out of their closets to share their stories for Nigerians and Africans to know that people survive cancer.

MAC is a registered initiative of Project PINK BLUE, which encompasses different strands of activities for cancer awareness using the media.

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