Patient Navigation

Patient Navigation

Project PINK BLUE is on a journey to change the way Africans think about cancer.

We realized that when people are diagnosed of cancer they face a lot of psychological challenges including denial, self-hatred, fear, regrets and feeling of failure and absolute withdrawal. They also face innumerable barriers in accessing cancer care, including communication and information barriers, medical system barriers, and most importantly financial barriers. For the above reasons, so many cancer patients abscond from cancer care in Nigeria; hence, we launched Nigeria’s first patient navigation programme in 2015; working with breast cancer survivors, social workers and nurses to navigate cancer patients through the circle of cancer care and travel with them through their journey with cancer.

As patient navigators, we provide information to the cancer patients- equipping them with weapons to become winners before they begin the fight, empowering them psychologically to know that they are first healers of themselves; loving them by sharing moments of comforts and guiding them through their journey to survivorship.

As patient navigators, we listen! We listen! We listen! Because hundreds of cancer patients usually have hundreds of reactions to their cancer diagnosis. They need people to listen to them.

As patient navigators, we care and love professionally.

Call our Patient Navigators!

08000CANCER (08000226237) (Toll Free) or 0818 347 020.