Project PINK BLUE is on a journey to change the way Africans think about cancer.

At Project PINK BLUE, we don’t refer to CANCER SURVIVORS, as Survivors; refer to them as CHAMPIONS. We believe that no human deserves to die of cancer. For this singular reason, we believe that everyone diagnosed of cancer is a champion; he or she is a survivor, and a winner right from that diagnostic room.

It is on this premise that we launched Abuja Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC-SG).

We are currently working with one (1) male breast cancer and ten (10) female breast cancer champions who are fronting a stronger campaign, reminding the population that cancer affect, not some ‘special’ people, but ‘everyone’ –core misconception about cancer in local communities. Our champions aspire to make more measurable significant change in the way Nigerians think about cancer.

Visit our blog to be inspired with the stories of our Champions!

Click here to learn more or join our Abuja Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC-SG)

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