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Do you want us to remind of your annual screenings? or Are you currently receiving care and you need a patient navigator to remind with a call on your next hospital appointment?

Then, sign on Project PINK BLUE Reminder and you got our back.

    For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us: 08000CANCER  / 08188 347 020 or email: [email protected]

    Web of Support

    Everyday our telephone centre receive several calls for financial support to indigent women battling with cancer, they need our support to transport from their homes to the hospital, they need stipends for accommodation for some who travel from Makurdi to Abuja for radiotherapy, some also need money to buy pain drugs or their chemotherapy. We can all support them and alleviate their pains!  Nothing is too small! Little drops of water make a lake…

    Our Web of Support is an initiative for interconnecting indigent cancer patients with people who can support them.


    Every week our team will evaluate indigent patients and profile them on our Web of Support (WS). Please find a spot in your heart to adopt a patient and help him or her.


    We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give- Winston Churchill.


    To get more information about cancer patient who support, please call us: 08000CANCER  or email: [email protected]

    Talk to a Patient Navigator

     Cancer care is a journey, which usually starts from Screenings (clinical breast exam, visual inspection with acetic acid), to diagnosis (mammogram, pap smear, prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests), to more advanced diagnosis (biopsies, histopathologies) and treatment options, survivorship, post-survivorship and life after cancer or life beyond cancer.


    At Project PINK BLUE, we are interested in this journey, because we know that several cancer patients fall off the track while on this journey. Please don’t blame them for falling off the track or absconding from treatment.


    They are huge barriers experienced by cancer patients, such as communication barriers (they need people who can LISTEN TO THEM, not people who will TALK to them), language barriers (in medicine, they are several terms and words that are usually not clear to so many cancer patients, they need people who can explain this details to them), health system barriers (cancer diagnosis come with several medical process which may be difficult and sometimes overwhelming, cancer patient may be frustrated at some point), financial barriers (so many cancer patients require some financial assistances like transport, finances for chemotherapy, accommodation for people who travelled from far places), and so may other barriers.


    Our GOAL is to navigate cancer patients through the continuum of care to ensure that NO CANCER PATIENT falls off the track while through

    the journey with cancer. Our PATIENT NAVIGATORs are here to FIGHT WITH YOU.


    Also, if you need to connect with a CANCER SURVIVOR, we have PATIENT NAVIGATORS who are survivors.


    Or you need information on the closest place to do a screening. We are here to navigate you!


    Call our Patient Navigators!

    08000CANCER (08000226237) (Toll Free) or 08188 347 020.